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Pennyloafers are, well, loafers, which is to say that they are slipon shoe, rather than laced shoe such as brogue or an oxford. this kind of shoe has been around for ages, whether youre looking at the moccasins of native americans or the slipon dress shoes of european aristocracy. the pennyloafer originated when shoemaker named john b created type of loafercalled “weejun” that had split strap across the top of the shoe. what are pennyloafers? pennyloafers are laceless shoes with moccasinstyle upper thats sched to separate sole and heel. they have strip of leather called saddle that sits horizontally across the instep. best answer they are shoes that are calledloafers because they simply slip on, and have no ties or straps. they are called “pennyloafers” because there is an area on the top especially designed to hold coin originally penny, but later changed to dime because that was the amount needed to make .

though originally men’shoes, some styles of loafers, such as casual tel and pennyloafers, are also worn by women. women’loafers tend to have shorter toes and are worn with variety of outfits from shorts, jeans, slacks, and capris to dresses and skirts. connect with millions of potential customers who are in the consideration phase of the purchase funnel. pennyloafer is specific style of loafer (loafer is just slipon shoe, usually leather). pennyloafers have strap across the front of the opening where your foot goes in. Pennyloafers this style has leather strap across the forefoot with diamondshaped slot big enough to hold penny. they’ve been popular men’shoe since the s. tel or kiltie loafers this slipon style was developed by the alden shoe company and then popularized by brooks brothers. Penny is undoubtedly the most popular type of loafershoes. it has leather strap across the top with diamond shaped design. shoe company in the early s named its version of loafers as weejuns.

Why are they calledloafers? obviously because theyre for loafing. its not exactly shoe that screams ruthless ambition, is it? no wonder they were embraced so wholeheartedly by college students in the days before meritocracy.