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The nasa/esa hubble space telescope has revisited one of its most iconic and popular images the eagle nebulas pillars of creation. this image shows the pillars as seen in visible light, capturing the multicoloured glow of gas clouds, wispy tendrils of dark cosmic dust, and the rustcoloured elephants trunks of the nebulas famous pillars.Tiff version (.m) closeup of an erupting prominence with earth inset at the approximate scale of the image. taken on july , in emission. Top semifinalists anisa kospiri , oxana fedorova , vanessa carreira , neha dhupia , natascha borger , demetra eleftheriou , neelam verma justine pasek , ling zhuo and cynthia lander zamora pose. get premium, high resolution news photos at getty images Of the .million deaths worldwide in , more than half (%) were due to the top causes. ischaemic heart disease and stroke are the worlds biggest killers, accounting for combined .million deaths in . these diseases have remained the leading causes of death globally in the last